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2016 NWCHA Invitational

The NWCHA has seen a tremendous growth since it's beginning just four short years ago.  This association has brought back the fun and excitement of riding and competing with the working cow horse.  The association focuses on the working cow horse and highlighting the talent of both horse and rider...

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Do you really need a breastcollar?

Breastcollars have become very popular in recent years for the finished and decorative look they provide. While they are not going to hurt a horse (when fitted properly), people often ask me, are they really necessary? To answer that question... yes! There are many instances where a breastcollar is necessary.  A properly...

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Beginner Working Cow Horse Clinic

On August 27 & 28, 2016, Barnfly Farms Arena will host a beginner working cow horse clinic with clinicians, Joe McPherson and Randy Barnett.  This clinic is will be laid back and small to help ensure that horses and riders get the most attention possible.  Joe and Randy will cover...

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2016 NWCHA Invitational at Barnfly Farms Arena

For the third year in a row, Barnfly Farms Arena will be the home of the NWHCA Invitational.  The National Working Cow Horse Association (NWCHA) is an association that promotes real working cow horses, is family friendly and is suited for every level of horse and rider. Each year that we host the...

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Espana Silk Dirty Horse Contest

With all of the rain we have seen in Tennessee this month, we though it would be fitting to do a "Dirty Horse Contest".  What better way to clean those dirty horses then with some Espana Silk Grooming Products?  We have put together a great gift pack valued at $40.00....

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